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Omega Seamaster DeVille Watch Restoration

Every watch listed for sale on this website has been serviced by our professional watchmakers.  We offer the same service to you at a reasonable cost.  Our watchmakers have decades of experience in the repair and restoration of mechanical timepieces.  We specialize in bringing vintage watches and chronographs back to life, and are often successful when others have failed.  We pride ourselves on our quality control and attention to detail.  

We know how difficult it can be to find qualified watchmakers to service vintage mechanical watches and chronographs.  Today, many jewelry stores do not employ dedicated watchmakers with the experience necessary to perform complex movement service.  Unlike 60 years ago when qualified watchmakers were plentiful, many jewelers today can only perform simple battery replacements or bracelet repairs - we know this because many small jewelers send their mechanical watch repair service jobs to us. 

For over 20 years, we have amassed a large assortment of vintage watch movements and parts, from major Swiss and American brands, and also lesser known companies that have been out of business for many, many years.  By using these authentic parts, we are able to make repairs without having to install and adjust poorly fitting, non-authentic parts - a practice that could negatively impact other delicate watch parts and the movement as a whole.

Our accomplished watchmakers can completely disassemble, repair, ultrasonically clean and test your manual wind or automatic self-winding watch, using the latest equipment and finest Swiss oils.  We can polish cases and crystals as part of the overall service.  We can replace badly worn crystals and winding crowns.  We can also perform more complex cosmetic restorations including dial refinishing, case plating and hand refinishing.

We are aware of the need and desire for more conservative restoration work in order to maintain the value of vintage and rare watches.  There are restoration options that will make your watch look like new, but could possibly devalue your watch.  We will work with you and guide you through all options in order to achieve the outcome you desire while maintaining the originality of each piece.

Our prices are reasonable, and we offer a 1 year warranty on our service.  Once we inspect your watch and quote the cost for service, we stand by our quote and we do not ask for any additional fees for unexpected minor problems.  Quotes are free, and we never charge for work that we cannot complete.


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